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Prescription Glasses with Round Frames, Black

Prescription Glasses with Round Frames, Black

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Color/Sizes Variations

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  2. Prescription Reading Glasses with Round Frames, Golden
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Frame Measures
front | lateral
frame front measures20bridge 50lens width 143frame width 50lens height weight: 24.5g all measures in mm

Round glasses frame is made of black metal with a Single black metal bridge.

The metal glasses frame can be corrosion resistant, strong, and easily adjusted. It retains its stability and shape.

These Round Glasses Frames can accommodate progressive lenses,bifocals glasses, distance, farsight glasses, clear lenses, single vision,clear lenses, mirror lenses, polarized lenses and also combinations Just follow the shopping procedure to select your lenses.

Why you need prescription polarized sunglasses? Light reflected from surfaces such as a flat road or smooth water generally is horizontally polarized, This creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of light that we experience as glare. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare.

The full round frames design is constructed from high strength bold black metal for great looks and durable black temples adds a touch of sophisticated detailing to any look.

More Information
More Information
Fashion TypesBifocal Glasses , Progressive Lenses, Professional Eyeglasses , Classic, Retro-Vintage , Cool/Trendy, Perfect Round
ShapeRound Glasses
MaterialAcetate; Metal
Frame Bridge (mm)20
Lens Width (mm)50
Frame Width (mm)143
Frame Length (mm)134
Lens Height (mm)50
Frame Weight (g)24.5
Rim TypeFull rim

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